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Simple Landscape Improvements Increase Value And Add To Appeal Of Home

| August 14, 2017 | Post by Lisa Birdsong

One of the many great benefits to living in North Texas is the ability to have an attractive yard year-round. Although we have incredibly hot summers, we don’t often experience extremely cold winters – at least not the kind of winters that bury our countryside in snow. These fairly mild winters allow us to have colorful landscape displays from January to December.

landscapeA beautifully landscaped home stands out among others in a neighborhood like a crown jewel. It will Gerber Daisyprovide a sense of pride and accomplishment, sell before its competitors with lesser yards and will be the envy of your neighbors. While the initial installation efforts can be expensive and time consuming, the long-term rewards are well worth it. Landscape improvements can be overwhelming so let’s start simple – with a little planning and ‘green’ thinking, you can save yourself time and money in the future.

An important thing to remember when getting started: It isn’t necessary to start from scratch. The most cost-effective way to improve your exterior appearance is to enhance the plants you already have. You can begin by trimming your shrubs and trees. You’ll be amazed what a little attention to detail can do! Save water and maintenance demands by adding drought tolerant plants that are native to the area in which you live. Don’t forget to weed the flower beds, and then add a splash of color here and there – but before you buy those flowers, decide if you want to plant annuals every season or perennials that will return each year. The final step: mulch those beds! Mulch is like the icing on the cake. You can spend hundreds of dollars on lovely plants but it will be for naught if you don’t dress up those beds with mulch.

Take some time to evaluate your home’s landscape condition, and then, little by little work to improve it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for it to look as though you did. And when you’re ready to capitalize on your investment, be sure to call us!